1. Development of Giva'at Ella Beach in Tel-Aviv (for Atarim Ltd.).
2. Development of Sheraton Beach in Tel-Aviv (for Atarim Ltd.).
3. Development of Marina Herzelia island project (for Or-Yam Company).
4. Development of Kfar Hayam in Giva'at Olga (for Mario Laznik Company).
5. Development of Volfson Junction in Tel-Aviv, and the Bridges' design ( for Netivey Ayalon Company).
6. Development of Morasha Junction ( for Maatz).
7. Development of Sportec Tel- Aviv (for Ganey - Yehoshua Company).
8. Development of Monfort Lake recreation center in Ma'alot (for the economic company of Ma'alot).
9. Development of Davidof Park in Jaffa ( for the Tel- Aviv Foundation).
10. Development of the veterinary Center in Beit - Dagan ( for the Ministry of Agriculture).
11. Development of the Hostel in Shaar Menashe Hospital (for the Ministry of Health).
12. Development of the Hostel in Lev Hasharon Hospital (for the Ministry of Health ).
13. Development of the Hostel in Beer Yaacov Hospital (for the Health Ministry).
14. Development of the paratrooper training base ( for the Ministry of defence & US Army Corps of Engineers ).
15. Development of the Golani training base ( for the Ministry of Defense & US Army Corps of Engineers).
16. Development of Hermon Prison for (Israeli Prison Service).
17. Environmental development for Giron Tel-Mond site (for Giron Company).
18. Environmental development at Kfar Aharon Nes Ziyona (for Baranovitch & Delek Nadlan).
19. Environmental development at Raisfeld orchard in Kiritat Ono ( for Shikun Ovdim Company).
20. Environmental development at Mivney Gazit Site in Tel Baruch (for Mivney Gazit Ltd.).
21. Environmental development at Savyoney Hasharon Site in Ramat Hasharon (for Africa- Israel Company).
22. Environmental development at Darad Site in Yavne ( for Darad Ltd.).
23. Environmental development at Rotshtain Site in Modein (for Roshtain Ltd.).
24. Development of Migdal Havered square in Giva'ataim (for Shicun Ovdim Company & Isralum).
25. Developmet Superfarm Building square in Hezelia (for Fishman Holdings Company Ltd.).
26. Recreation center at Um-El-Fahem.
27. Swimming Pools: Neve Golan, Kiriya Shalom, Neve Sharet, Neve Ofer, Beit Danny, in tel-Aviv ) for Tel-Aviv municipality).
28. Stadium & Training field -Hapoel Tel Aviv.
29. Training facility for Maccabi Tel-Aviv in Kiryat Shalom.
30. Training facility and Football School Hapoel Tel-Aviv.
31. Football Fields: Hapoel Neve Golan, Ariel, Jaffa Youth, Beitar Tel-Aviv.
32. Yad Eliyahu tennis Center (for the Jewish agency).